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We'll verify basic bibliographic information, add a cover shot and post the link to your review. You may submit as many links as you like. Links should go directly to your review and not your blog's home page. Please read the note below for more information.


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We are not including podcasts (such as books from LibriVox or Podiobooks) in the database. We also do not link to reviews in Audible, Amazon, or similar commercial sites.

We won't add "reviews" with such little content that they are not helpful. In general, your review should be at least 200 words (exclusive of the blurb, if you use it) and discuss the content, narration, and production of the title. For audiobook reviews, the performance matters. Our readers want enough information to make informed listening decisions and we're committed to helping them do that.

We will not index links to reviews that we believe are potentially libelous; that seem to defame authors, narrators, or publishers. As a professional courtesy, we won't link to reviews pubished in AudioFile Magazine, as it has its own review index located on its website. We also do not link to pay-for-play review sites.